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Around Switzerland in 80 Maps

Around Switzerland in 80 Maps

Editeur(s) HELVETIQ
Date de parution : 01/01/1900

Résumé : A tour of Switzerland through historical and contemporary mapsA map is the perfect pictorial way to explain and entertain. This book achieves both of these goals and provide a detailed picture of Switzerland. Diccon Bewes’ search for original maps led him through official archives and private collections. The results are presented here, along with the fascinating stories behind them: from the circular island map of 1480 to the birth of modern Swiss cartography; from the British rail plan for Switzerland to a Soviet map of Basel during the Cold-War; from the 1970s Zurich map for men to the vision of a Greater Switzerland with 40 cantons.
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35,00 €

Fiche technique
Ean : 9782940481309
Rayon(s) : Géographie régionale, géographie des territoires
Pages : 226
Poids : 1367 g
Hauteur : 233 cm
Largeur : 331 cm
Epaisseur : 23 cm